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  • Fish + Plants = Produce at Lane County's first aquaponics farm - KVAL
    KVALFish + Plants = Produce at Lane County's first aquaponics farmKVALDEXTER, Ore. - Jason and Louisa Waligoske are trying to plow new ground in the organic farming field in Lane County. The owners of the New Frontier Market in Eugene have branched out. They're setting up the first aquaponics farm in the county at the ...
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  • One Farm to give tours - Visalia Times-Delta
    One Farm to give toursVisalia Times-DeltaAquaponics is a food production system that combines aquaculture with hydroponics to grow fish and plants. Now the growers have moved to no-till farming and will be doing away with the aquaponics system soon. Those are just some of what will be seen at ...
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    PSFK (blog)Tabletop Aquaponic Farm is Functional Fish BowlPSFK (blog)Food culture and public nutrition in Asia changed forever when farmers discovered they could keep fish in the water of their rice paddies. The rice attracted insects, which the koi would eat, thus feeding the fish. Farmers got more rice, and a ready ...
  • Aquaponics Club to Build Greenhouse - Amherststudent
    Aquaponics Club to Build GreenhouseAmherststudentAquaponics is a combination of aquaculture, which is the farming of aquatic animals, with hydroponics, a technique for growing plants without soil. The fundamental process behind aquaponics farming lies in repurposing fish waste into plant food ...
  • Something in the Water - Good Times
    Something in the WaterGood TimesWhile soil has replaced marine life in today's conventional agriculture, the ancient farming practice of aquaponics may be making a comeback, and now local youth are rolling up their sleeves to learn how it's done. Aquaponics combines aquaculture, or ...
  • College students to aid Dominicans during reading week - Welland Tribune
    Welland TribuneCollege students to aid Dominicans during reading weekWelland TribuneAquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture or fish farming is the breeding and harvesting of aquatic animals in controlled conditions. In a hydroponic system, plants are grown in water instead of soil. Using a solar-powered ...
  • Seeds to bees to table: How local agriculture has changed - DL-Online
    Seeds to bees to table: How local agriculture has changedDL-OnlineLocal agriculture has changed dramatically since Native Americans survived by engaging in fishing and hunting to supplement the women's cultivation of numerous varieties of maize, squash, and the harvesting of fruits of the earth including manoomin ...
  • How to really go green - Learn how at Sustainability-Palooza Feb. 27 - Shoreline Times
    How to really go green - Learn how at Sustainability-Palooza Feb. 27Shoreline TimesFRESH Farm Aquaponics will explain how they combine aquaculture and hydroponics to grow edible plants and fish together, and extend their growing season. In this sustainable water system the fish fertilize the plants and the plants clean the water.
  • Goleta farm fishes for sustainability - Pacific Coast Business Times
    Goleta farm fishes for sustainabilityPacific Coast Business TimesWorking from two 10,000 square-foot greenhouses, Sustained Harvest Farms is a maze of commercial tubs filled with tiny fish and rows of trays that hold crops from green onions to rosemary. The farm uses aquaponics, a style of growing that's essentially ...

Hydroponic Fish Farming

Hydroponic Fish Farming


Have you heard of Hydroponics? Probably you have. But how about Aquaponics? Do you know what that is? I was confused too, so here is the difference in the two systems.


Aquaponics: this is a system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture is the process of growing fish in an enclosed environment such as a fish farm. A closed circuit water way is created so that the fish waste is pumped into the hydroponics plants beds. Although the fish waste is toxic to the fish, it contains nitrogen and other nutrients which are beneficial to the plants. The fish waste feeds the plants and is then recycled as clean water and pumped back into the aquaculture tank. Aquaponics, then, is a system that constantly recycles water, waste, and food to allow for plant growth.


Hydroponics: this is a system of growing plants without soil. Plants are placed in a growing medium and receive their nutrients from a nutrient solution. This nutrient solution is then fed directly to the roots, eliminating the need for soil. Hydroponic systems do need to be flushed periodically to prevent the build up of the nutrients, but that is easy to do. With hydroponics, you have only one system about which to be concerned.


So which will it be - aquaponics or hydroponics? Neither system is superior to the other. The question becomes what is right for you? If you enjoy fish and already have a fish tank large enough to support aquaponics, then you may want to try aquaponics as your means to gardening. It is a good way to sustain fish and plant life at the same time. If you are not interested in fish or the set up seems like it might be too complicated, you may want to stick with just the hydroponics for your gardening method. Both methods, hydroponics and aquaponics, will grow abundant plant life. The advantage of aquaponics is that it adds the dimension of growing fish to your life.


In making your decision between aquaponics and hydroponics, you may need to consider cost. Aquaponics will probably cost you more to get set up than a hydroponics system. However, with hydroponics you will have the on going costs of purchasing nutrients to make your nutrient solution. With aquaponics, you will always have a healthy supply of nutrients in the form of fish waste. So what is your choice - hydroponics or aquaponics?


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